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Rating:  PG-13 (maybe)
Warning: It may have violence and sexual scenes. If you don't like a gay story (male/male), please, don't read
Helper: GoldShadow
Beta: Rauschele

"Once upon a time, there was a magic King, who created a child from a demon as his father. Together they spread terror and chaos in the  faraway lands... And built a forbidden love."                                                   

"Jesus, salvator mundi
Tue famuli subveni
Quos pretioso sanguine
Quos pretioso sanguine



The glaringly starry sky hung peacefully in the Forest of Sauvage, in a land still in its medieval age. The imperial sea of pine hide the blackness of a place haunted by wild beasts and mythical creatures, beliefs somewhat as true as those created by the warriors of ego bigger than the courage they showed in their heroic acts.
But that never stopped Merlin walking through the forest, much less because there was practically his backyard.
His house, just a little bit modern for its time, stood among the trees in a narrow clearing beside a small well, where the current tinkled against the heavy wooden bucket with the movement of groundwater.
As the water reflecting the stars the strange object the old wizard was handling at that moment extended his ability to look better to those distant balls of gas.

"Again looking at the stars with this ... this .... After all, what is that thing? ", asked one owl that was sitting on a wild shrub. For his hoarse voice it wasn't happy of not knowing the origin of that instrument.

Merlin, with his hundreds of years of patience, didn't even bother to interrupt his fun and turn his head to the animal, however, he said peacefully:
"Yes, Archimedes, again I'm watching the galaxy with my 'telescope'" underlined the word to see if the bird caught the spelling.
"Hmpf, you and your futuristic gadgets " If Arch had arms he would cross them in that moment with disgust.
"Aw, owl, this object is not as futuristic as well, only 500 years of difference from here."
The bird understood the irony, releasing a cry of anger, and so it flew into the home through a window on the second floor.

The magician couldn't contain a simple mischievous smile, somewhat unusual for a man of that age. However the constant travel time from his adult childhood left him with a young personality, but wise, and with the question of how old he really was. It didn't mean it wasn't something that he regretted, no. He didn't only know how many candles put on the birthday cake.

But even with the old body, his hunger for knowledge never stopped. Unfortunately, being the smartest man on Earth, his attempts to find new material already ended. After all he already knew everything.

So he watched the stars.

One thing that no idea in the Middle Ages has shown were creatures on other planets. Merlin believed that. It was stupid to say that the only life existed in an unimaginable universe it was on the little planet Earth. Sure, people of that time barely thought about it, worse, they kept thinking they were still the center of the Universe. To imagine there were other people on zillions of light years from them was too much for a brain still so inferior.

To know that could exist aliens with greater wisdom than himself always made the old man excited. He always minded a group of humanoid strangers, coming on peace mission as explorers. Merlin could give lessons about his planet, while the others exchange new and surprising ideas about their knowledge and technology with him. Just to imagine something so great a fool smile appeared in his face.

Over time, the smile disappeared thought. And the reality surrounded him. He had never seen, nor in the future so far, no one from the sky. He witnessed, of course, the time when humans didn't stop showing pictures of UFOs, aliens and strange bodies and marks in plantations. But it was obvious that everything was just a joke in bad taste. Men could do anything for money and fame.

The Merlin sighed sadly for remembering that. The real truth was… he would never see a single alien. The destiny wouldn't change and mankind would never know anything beyond the solar system itself. He closed his eyes and rubbed his wrinkles on the side of the eyelids.

For a moment, suddenly his heart fluttered painfully. With anger and sadness he asked with all his might, even if it was just an act of naiveness, even though he knew that nobody would ever even appear.

"Please ... someone ... "

Then he saw.

Far away.

A ball of light breaking through the ozone layer.

Blinking his eyes a little dizzy he quickly picked up the telescope. It was impossible that a meteorite would fall that night, there was none of that provided in the future!
The magician then, tried to observe better the strange rock reflected in the lens.

And he had a shock.

It wasn't look like at all of a piece of stone. It was… purple?!

He tried as he could see through the flames from which insisted swallow the strange object. But every second it was away and soon disappeared among the trees that were in front of the old man's sight.

Merlin did some quick calculations in his head and concluded surprised it hadn't fallen in England, but in some country in Europe.

He groaned in frustration and amazement.

Frustration because it was further than he wanted.
And amazement because ... well, that thing had appeared in the middle of nowhere! And it wasn't in the fate of Earth! Even meteorites and comets were in the normal destination. But not that. He had never seen anything like it.

And for the first time after hundreds of years Merlin was afraid of what could happen from then on. And he did not know what to do.

What was the real nature of that thing? It was something friendly? Or it could threaten the life of this planet?

Then he remembered the quick wish he had in his heart, staring wide-eyed to the sky. No… it couldn't be that ... could it?

Did he break the fate of the time/space with his desire, calling something mentally to fall from space?

Something ... or someone?


The French people were sleeping peacefully in their huts and castles in a sleep so deep that neither realized that the ball Merlin watched just landed into the "florêt de Fontainebleau" ... well ... the best expression would be "crushed against the forest."

Birds flew in opposite directions and hares chased away from their burrows while the fire was spreading in the trees near the "meteorite".
A complete hell.
It had already completed 10 meter radius of trunks on fire when suddenly a strange bluish gleam struck all around the clearing that had just been made by the fall. The flora froze in a morbid white. Most of the animals escaped, but the unfortunates who were left behind became frozen statues.

"Well, that solves the problem."

The voice came from inside the ball, which now with the fire off, it could see it didn't look like one.
It was a strange purple object with a large circular glass on the front, which had now disappeared mechanically to the ray be thrown out. The metal shell, from the spare engines to the jets, glowed against the blue of the new cold environment. Strange buttons hovered on the control panel in front of the majestic pink chair.

Without doubt it was a spaceship.

And someone was sitting on that chair holding a strange weapon.

"Stupid ... barrier of this stupid planet ... Destroying my ship like this ... BUT MY IRK TECHNOLOGY IS STRONGER, DO YOU HEAR MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

More cowardly birds flew away while the strange creature was screaming into the night.

Stepping out of the ship it could see better his small stature of a normal human teenager. However the greenish skin was saying the different of "normal." And the lack of nose and ears .... Ah, and the strange and thin things that came out of his bald head as antennae of an insect. Yeah, it seemed more a giant insect.

However, his enormous ruby eyes observed the surroundings with a look somewhat too much intelligent for a mere insect. His hands made of three claws, obscured by black gloves, rested on his thin waist wearing a strange uniform of a shirt in different pinks, black trousers and long boots.

"S.I.R.? S.I.R !!!!" He yelled to the flying object.

Suddenly a small robot jumped out, rolling on the ground to where his master was, rising quickly with a gesture of his small hand on the forehead in a military form. Its lifeless red eyes showed were sparkling somewhat threatening, but faithful to its owner.


"Ah ... S.I.R. ... You're on fire. ", the alien simply said, pointing to the head that seemed little more than a lighted torch.

"Oh ... .." it promptly took its own head and hit it on the floor, stepping on to fire off. After a few minutes that came true, but the head was completely distorted by the trampling. But that didn't stop the robot to pick it up and pound quite brutal until stay as it was before, putting back on top of the neck. "I'm ready now, sir."

"Good. "

Walking back to his ship the alien typed some stuff in the control panel. In the end, with a click on the "enter" button, a movie screen appeared grandly in midair, and hence, two creatures appeared on it.
For the adult structures, but resemble with the alien present in the forest it was elemental they were of the same race. They wore a strange rounded armor, each one with different colors, like themselves. While the right corner one had long eyelashes and curled antennae in the end, as if this was a sign of femininity, the left corner one had the same appearance as the small alien, taking the fact that his air was more knowledgeable and hard.

And it was he who started speaking in a thick and powerful tone:

"Reports, now."

"Where are you?", said the female with a curious smile.

The little one smiled back with eyes gleaming triumphantly, stewing his chest.

"Invader Zim, at your service and ready to take over the planet!"


End of the Prologue

The fic of that short comic I made:


Soon I'll post chap 1 (or 2), dun worry XP

And YES, it's a zaDr. there's no such dirty things with merlin, poor old man XD (cough but no one said it... o-o... nuuuu, I'm a bitch with dirty thoughts >.<')

... eh... XD

Next -> [link]
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TheStupidCupid Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011  Student Artist

the lion for griffondor
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hufflepuff for the badger
and ravenclaw for the raven

PFFFT just saying LOL
MKLier Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
it's a lion, a bear, a phoenix and a snake, lol
TheStupidCupid Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011  Student Artist
MKLier Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
no it's noooot!!! XD

These animals have meanings, like... lemme see if i remember XP

Eh... Lion means Brave, Courage

Bear means Loyalty

Phoenix means Deathless (lol)

Snake means Merciless.

That's all can describe what Zim is and what he expects from the others, I think PX
TheStupidCupid Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2011  Student Artist

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watdacheese Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011
so i was listing to the hello kitty theme song when i saw this and started reding it. but i couldnt concentrate becuz the girly happiness if hello kitty song im currenly addicted to was ruing the mood of the story so i made the desiscion to turn off the was a good decsion!!!
MyAutopsySong Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2010
.... *explodes* LOVE IT!!! cant wait for more!
traycon3 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2010
*Flails* YAY! I'm so happy you're writing a fic based off that comic!

Pity Merlin ain't gonna be gettin' some lovinz, lol.

Can't wait for more! :3

Elysia-Esper Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2010   Writer
Other than that, I like it!
Elysia-Esper Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2010   Writer
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MKLier Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
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