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March 23, 2010
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(Contains: sexual themes)

Made by LierMagician and AmberKitty 123
Warning: Violence and Sexual Themes
We not own Invader Zim. The preview image is a fanart, I not own Jhonen Vasquez characters and draw style


Chap 5


*6 years later*

Zim: *driving the Massive with hundreds of thousands of dead Irkens aboard*…  *looks behind him to the tied up Tallest that were screaming, being gagged*…. *throws a laser at them, knocking them out again and steering the ship towards Earth, almost there*

Dib: *sighs, watching tv and drinking some beers while Gir is running around the base*

Zim: .... *landing the Massive on the street in front of his base, squishing houses*

Gir: *stares at the Massive with his puppy eyes sparkling* MASTAH IS HERE!!! MASTAH IS HERE!!! *running inside of the house, jumping on Dib's lap* MAMAMAMAMAMASTAAAAH HEREEEEE!!!

Dib: *raises an eyebrow to him* Wait, calm down, what's wrong?


Dib:....WHAT?! *wide-eyed in disbelief then he looks by the window the Massive with his mouth opened*...............-_- Argh, I can't believe that... *gets up by the spiderlegs, going to the door*

Zim: *blasts the door open with a laser*

Dib: O_O... *sighs*

Zim: *aims lasers at Dib shakily before realizing it's him* 0.o .... *hops out of the Massive hurriedly* Dib, Gir!! I'm back!!!! *sprinting over to them, then he stops, watching the two*

Gir: MASTAAAAAAAAH!!! *hugs him* I MISSED YOOOOOOUHUHUHUHUUUU!!!! *crying and screaming*

Zim: 0-o ....

Dib: *frowns to them*

Zim: *hugging Gir, then looks to Dib, confused*

Dib: Why did you come back? *scowling at him*

Zim: .... Well I kinda killed off my race to give the Massive as a present to you if you wanted to.... explore deep space or something 0-o ....

Dib: *glares* What part of "not come back" you didn't understand? *clenching his fists*

Zim: .... Well I quit staying away. 0-o

Dib: *trembling furious* know what? FINE! STAY HERE IF YOU WANT SO MUCH!! BUT I'M LEAVING! *passing the garden, going to his car*

Zim: *grabbing him with a spiderleg* Don't leave! What's so wrong about us staying together?!

Dib: *whines annoyed before he turns to Zim with a sarcastic patience* Zim... Zimmeh, my sweetheart, understand.... *glares* I HATE YOU!!!! *destroying Zim's spiderleg with his own, opening the door of the car*

Zim: *destroying his car*

Dib: O__________O *looks to the burning car before he glares at him with the corner of his eye*

Zim: I don't want you to leave.....

Dib: Yeah, but I want. *starts to walk*

Zim: *grabs him with the other spiderlegs, pulling Dib to him and holding his wrists* Don't leave...

Dib: WHY NOT?! *glaring more*

Zim: .... Well I really like you and.... please don't leave?

Dib: *wide-eyed*... what?

Zim: 0-o .. I said I really like you.... e.e ...... I don't want you to leave, so... don't go?

Dib:.....*looks serious*....why do you like me? After all I did with you? *frowns*

Zim: .... o.0 .... I'm not really sure... but..... I feel kind offf... attached or something to you... sort of....

Dib: *frowns*... This is the same as groping blindly the nothing... forget it, Zim, it will end up going nowhere... *pushing away the spiderlegs, turning away at him*

Zim: Nowhere?! YOU'RE the one making it go nowhere!!! *frowns, wrapping his arms from behind around Dib's Pak and chest, resting his head on Dib's shoulder*

Dib: *sighs, closing his eyes* Because I don't like you.

Zim: You're lying, Dib-hyu-man. I can feel it, now stop lying please...

Dib: *faces Zim serious* I'm not lying.

Zim: ... Well, fine. If you're not lying, then say WHY you don't like me. You gave no problem insulting me whatsoever...

Dib: I don't like you because first of all you're such a stubborn son of a bitch. *frowns*

Zim: .... Well, yes I am. But so are you.

Dib: *grins* That's the another reason to don't like you. *serious face* Now leave me alone. *pulls him slightly*

Zim: .... *clings to him, not letting go* Well I'm coming then wherever you're going.

Dib: *sighing annoyed he pulls Zim with stronger, going back to the base, pressing a button to build the part destroyed by the laser, then he lays down on the couch, his arms crossing behind his head, closing his eyes*

Zim: *standing above him next to the couch* ... *kneeling on the floor, resting his arms on the couch and staring at him*

Dib: *opens an eye to him, sighing* I'm tired, Zim, leave me alone.

Zim: Oh, I know... Just.. ignore me. 0-e

Dib: *frowns at him, then close his eyes again, ignoring him*

Zim: .... Soooo how was 6 years going for you? Boring?

Dib: *glares before he relaxes a bit* Not really... after you left I tried to become more normal, then in a blink of eyes everyone liked me.... I'm one of popular guys of the school now...

Zim: Oh.... So.... is your parental unit paying more attention to you?

Dib: Not at all... That's why I'm leaving here...

Zim: Leaving here......? But he's not here....

Dib: That's why I'm here. To stay away from him...when I said that I was changing house he didn't care, really...

Zim: ... Well that's stupid of him......... Well what about your sister?

Dib: Lives in her way, but now I just see her at school...

Zim: ...Ah... *lowers his head again* ... Well you don't seem too happy with your new life.

Dib: *opens his eyes* Are you kidding? This is all what I wanted!

Zim: ... I thought you wanted to be famous and get your father's notice of your

Dib: My dad will never learn that he's an asshole. Besides I'm famous at school now, I grab any chick that I want *smirks*

Zim: Oh... *sighs, depressed as he rests his chin in his crossed arms*

Dib: You have to see their faces to me now*smiling in a naughty way to nothing* All of them kissing my feet... and my...heheh...ya know? *pervert look*

Zim: *looking not the least fazed* Yeah..... *glances away*

Dib: Talking about this... *looks his watch* Well, I have to go. *raising up, rubbing his hair to make a little different style*

Zim: *stares at him nervously, then glances down to his arms* Alright... fine.... *watches him again*

Dib: Do you want come with me, Gir? ^^

Gir: Nah, I want be with my mastah *hugging Zim's legs*

Dib: ^^' Okay, then. *going out, giving a look to where the Massive was, however he just sees crushed houses, blinking a bit before he thinks the ship is just in space again, shrugging and walking away*


*1 AM*

Zim: *in the lab, making a weapon for old time's sake*

Dib: *slams the door, kissing furiously some blonde chick, closing the door and holding her against the wall, her pants and moans echoing in the darkness of the house*

Zim: *looking through the rooms on a monitor, just catching a moan* 0-e ......... *squints through the dark room, only seeing blurry movement* ....?!  *tapping the screen, thinking it's a malfunction before hearing more disturbing sounds*…  *shrieks, turning off the monitor then he goes into the elevator and up into the kitchen, peeking in, deciding whether or not to turn on the light, nauseous from other sounds*

Dib: *just having sex with the girl against the wall, she's moaning: "D-DIB! More! More!!"*

Zim: *wide-eyed, covering his mouth to not scream from the sounds and other cries from the room, sitting against the wall in the kitchen and blocking out the sounds, silently shedding tears*

Rp made by me and :iconamberkitty123:

Zim: :iconamberkitty123:

Dib, Gir, girl: :iconliermagician:

Yeah, it's little this time XP

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