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Made by LierMagician and AmberKitty 123
Warning: Violence and Sexual Themes
We not own Invader Zim. The preview image is a fanart, I not own Jhonen Vasquez characters and draw style


Chap 7


Keef: Ha, it's you! It's been a long time, huh? =D *sitting near at Zim*

Zim: *stares at him* Yeah.... Well, actually... I kind of moved to..... well, out of this country for 6 years, so............. everyone's forgotten me, heh?

Keef: Oh, not me. You'll always be my best friend ^w^

Zim: ... Eh...... Yeah..... Nice to have someone actually noticing me... *looks back to Dib, depressed again*

Dib: *slapping the girl's butt while she shakes it to him with a perv look*

Keef: ...? Are you sad?

Zim: ... Not at all, why would you assume that?! *glares to him, then frowns again* Yes, I am. Why would you care?

Keef: *smiles gently* Because I just want your good.

Zim: *fidgets, looking at Keef from the corner of his eye before turning to him* Okay, well. You must know the Dib, yes? Well... he's kind of... been... treating girls like toys like.... every night and... smoking and drinking and UGH... he's falling apart even though he's pretty much denying it..... *sighs* He's not even into the parawhat'sitsname! ... I don't really like the new him.... He's just ignoring me now because of stupid Earth females... And I hate it. *clenches his fists, glaring to Dib*

Keef: *looks to Dib too* Oh, yeah, he changed a lot these years. Even though he was popular and everyone liking him, the teachers speak badly of him. They say he is not a good influence for the freshmen, especially for girls. But what can we do, it's his new way now. People change, Zim, and only themselves know what is good for them. If he thinks that his new life is good then he will live well.

Zim: ..... Are you like that filthy slug too or are you the same?

Keef: *surprised* Me? I guess I'm the same... I mean, I'm here in that bar, but just because some freshmen asked to me to go with them cause they're too afraid. And there they are, having fun *pointing to some guys drinking and kissing some girls from the bar* And I was just talking with that girls and discovering that they're good people, even working here ^^' But, apart from that, I'm the same excluded person, as always ^^

Zim: .... Well at least you and Gir are still good... and the same.... *leaning his elbows back on the counter as he watches Dib for a while longer before looking to Keef again* ..... Would you ever come over my house again?

Keef: Ah?... Really that I could? You never liked my presence there ^^'

Zim: .... No, I was jusssst.... busy then.... I'm kind of lonely now without a crazy hyu-man chasing me all the time....

Keef: *raises an eyebrow confused, then smiles gently* Of course I can go to your house. *resting a hand on Zim's head* If that makes you smile again... ^^

Zim: *nods, getting up and glaring softly at Dib before forgetting about him and leading Keef out and to his base*


*Zim's base*

Zim: .... What did you want to do years ago?

Keef: *talking to himself* Wow, it's been a long time since I came here... *looks to him*Ah? Why do you want to know?

Zim: Well I thought we could..... have... 'fun' together like the things that you mentioned long ago....

Keef: *smiles, sighing*...well, I always wanted to fulfill my dream of becoming an explorer, maybe have a house, a family, that stuff... what about you?

Gir: *with dog's outfit* MEOW!

Keef: *looks to Gir* Hiii, buddy, how are you?! ^^

Gir: HMMMMM!!!

Keef: Awesome ^^ *kneeling to him, shaking hands with Gir*

Zim: ..... 0.e .... A family?! Why?!

Keef: *playing a little with Gir's hands before he looks at Zim* Why?... Well... who doesn't want a family, right? And I don't want be alone in my entire life. I know that I had nobody in my childhood, but I guess when I'm older I will not stand the loneliness. ^^

Zim: Oh... Welllll... You don't HAVE to be with someone.... I mean it's just going to hold you back from... Ii don't know, destroying a planet?

Keef: ..... Heh, you're funny, Zim ^^ Yeah, maybe a relationship hold me back... But at least I'll be with the person that I love and loves me back. That's what matters to make me happy.

Zim: ... Happy? T.T ......... There's really no point Keef in being happy, if you're just going to be destroyed or die first anyways....

Keef: (destroyed?) ... well... If I die, then I'll die happy. ^^ Better have a happy life than have a sad life waiting for your own death.

Zim: ........... *looks down* So what if the person you love doesn't love you back and is a man whore?

Keef: ?! *getting what zim means* Hm... If he really doesn't love you, then it would be better to forget him and find someone who makes you truly happy. Perhaps he's not the right man for you.

Zim: ....... Dib's the only one I really like, hyuman..... *sighs* But he doesn't seem to want to know me anymore.....

Keef: *looks to him, sighing deeply* He is too stupid for not noticing that he's a lucky man to have you.

Zim: Eh........ I guess..... *sits on the couch, bored*

Keef: ...  *getting up from the floor to sit near at him*...... *sighs*

Zim: ... I can't believe that the little filthy worm would ignore me for other Earth females..... T.T

Keef: It's the male hormones, Zim ^^'

Zim: Well I don't like them. *glares* .... *huffs* Fine.......... *plugs up his Pak again, staring sadly at the blank TV* I just don't want him coming home again with that... HORRIBLE female and...... manipulating her filthy mind into thinking he actually loves her..... And then he just breaks the worm's heart by breaking up.... and then get together with another... and do the same...... And over... and over again.... *tired, resting as he faces towards Keef on the couch*

Keef: *stares a bit by the wires before his attention goes again to Zim* I also don't like manipulative people. But it shows that he doesn't like serious relationships.

Zim: Well that's still kind of cruel if you think about it..... Crueler than what I try to do.... *pokes Keef's shirt lazily with a yawn*

Keef: *smiling, holding his hand with his own lightly* You're such a wonderful guy. He doesn't deserve you, making some stupid things with the poor ladies.

Zim: Well do you at least like me more than the Dib-hyuman?

Keef: .... of course ^^

Zim: Okay.... that's all I wanted to know.... *shifts a bit closer for warmth and starts to fall asleep*

Keef: *smiles seeing his sleepy face before rubbing his cheek lightly*

Zim: *falls asleep after looking at his Pak*

Keef: *sighs, then, trying to sleep too, relaxes his head on Zim's, falling asleep*



Zim: *hugging Keef to him in his sleep, shifting a bit before opening an eye tiredly*

Keef: *still sleeping, his head leaned back*

Zim: *stares at Keef before letting him go, unplugging his Pak and getting up hurriedly, looking around for any sight of Dib or Gir*

Gir: *sleeping on the carpet like a puppy*

Dib: * he is not there*

Zim: *glances to Gir for a moment before picking him up and placing him on the couch next to Keef gently, then creaking open the front door to look out cautiously*

Dib: *any sight of him in the street*

Zim: *mumbling to himself* Where is that pathetic hyu-man?!

Keef: *opens his eyes slowly, watching Zim on the door with a deep look*… Hello ^^

Zim: *looks back at Keef, surprised* ... Good morning, hyu-man... *closes the door quietly to not wake Gir*

Keef: Morning… *raising up quietly, scratching his back* ... watcha doing?

Zim: … Just checking if Dib was coming home yet... *sighs* But no sign of him.... I guess I'll make breakfast then... *marches into the kitchen*

Keef: Ah, let me help you. *going after him*

Zim: *glances back at him* Fine... Just don't make anything explode like Gir does.

Keef: *giggling, helping him*

Zim: Eh.... Thanks for recognizing me yesterday.

Keef: I would recognize you anywhere, Zim. You were my only friend. Or at least the only person who spoke with me. ^^'

Zim: ...Oh... Sorry to hear that...... Well... I'm glad we know each other, because you and Gir are the only ones that I know will stay beside me, so... I'm... kind of happy that we met. *making waffles*

Keef: *looks kindly to him, murmuring* Me too ... *hugs Zim from behind*

Zim: *uncomfortable for a moment before knowing it's not a Dib human and relaxes again into the hug, partially hugging back as he watches the fire on the stove*

Keef: *happy with Zim's hug, relaxing his forehead on his shoulder*.... do you like me?

Zim: Very much, yes...

Keef: Hmmm, good... *unsure he kisses Zim's cheek*

Zim: *not seeming to care that he kissed him*

Keef: *wanting more he gently turns his head to him and presses his lips softly against Zim's*

Dib: *opens the door, singing quietly some random music, smoking distracted, then looks to the kitchen and sees they kissing with an eyebrow up*... Keef? What are you doing here? *curious*

Zim: *looks to Keef wide-eyed, then at Dib with a venomous glare*

Keef: *brakes the kiss to look at him* Hi, Dib ^^

Dib: Having fun? *smirks*

Keef: Yeah, you disturbed us ^^

Dib: Well, I apologize for that, I just came here to catch my backpack, ya know, we have school today.

Keef: o_o Oh, my god, yeees, I forgot about that.

Dib: We can pass to your house in the middle of the way to catch your stuff.

Keef: Sure^^ *walking to the living room*

Zim: *watching Keef leaving with a suspicious look as he glances to Dib*

Keef: Ah. *turns to Zim* Bye, Zim, sorry for we can't eat your wonderful breakfast, we're really late ^^

Dib: Yeah, yeah, just c'mon *opens the door*

Zim: ..... Come over after skool then. *crosses his arms as he glowers again at Dib*

Keef: Can I? Really? *sparkling eyes*

Dib: *covers his face, shaking lightly his head*

Zim: Yes, anything to make YOU happy... *hides again in the kitchen*

Keef: 8D Okay, then, I'll see you after school! *walking to outside*

Dib: *looks both of them with nauseous eyes, before closing the door*…  *watches Keef cautiously*... What's your game, Keef?

Keef: Me? Nothing, I just LIKE him, unlike you ^^

Dib: *raises an eyebrow, then he just shrugs, walking with him*

Zim: *crushing the pan handle in rage, whipping it across the kitchen with a pig squealing sound when it crashed offscreen*

Rp made by me and :iconamberkitty123:

Zim: :iconamberkitty123:

Dib, Gir, girl, Keef: :iconliermagician:

Imagine Keef like that scribble I did last year, just a little less muscle thing XD

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